Coccadott’s Cake Shop- Albany, NY

While dropping my son off at college, I decided to see if the Food Network had featured any restaurants or bakeries in the area. I came across Coccadott’s Cake Shop, finalist on Cupcake Wars. With great anticipation, my daughter and I made sure to pay them a visit before heading home. We bought a dozen…

Hill Country Barbecue Market- New York City, New York

Hill Country was always one of my favorite places for BBQ in New York. I hadn’t been in two years so I decided to give it a try after work with one of my friends. I had fond memories of their juicy mouthwatering brisket so I was hoping I would not be disappointed this trip….

Courtney’s Berries-n-Cream Bread Pudding

Would you be surprised if I told you for 99% of my life I actually didn’t like bread pudding? Maybe I should clarify a bit. When I say “didn’t like bread pudding” I don’t mean in a “take it or leave it kind of way.” I mean it in a “Stop. Don’t pick it up….

Dallas BBQ- New York City, New York

Dallas BBQ is my favorite “go to” spot when I am craving chicken wings after work. There are days when I am in the mood for some good ole fried chicken wings and Dallas BBQ hits the spot every time. These wings are always huge, meaty and served hot and fresh. I talked my sister…

Holey Cream-New York City, New York

On a hot summer day, what can be better than some nice cold ice cream? A friend of mine suggested I check out Holey Cream to feature in my blog. I promised I would so I ventured into Manhattan to see and taste these creations for myself. Holey Cream starts with a plain donut and…

My Homemade Pineapple Bread Pudding

  One of my favorite desserts next to chocolate and red velvet cake is Bread Pudding. When I go out to eat, I am constantly searching for it on the menu. It’s hard for me to find bread pudding that really blows me away so over the last few months I have taken the time…

LIC Flea & Food- Long Island City, New York

Set in Long Island City, this food and flea market is the perfect way to spend the afternoon for foodies like myself. Being a Long Island City native, I was happy to venture back to my old neighborhood with my sister to check out all it had to offer. I was even more pleasantly surprised…

Big Apple BBQ Block Party- Madison Square Park-New York

Attention BBQ lovers, I attended one of my favorite events of the year, the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. I look forward to it every June. As a true BBQ lover, I get to taste BBQ from pitmasters across the country. It’s like being in BBQ heaven with the smell of the food all around you….

Kiss My Cake Dessert Shoppe and Cafe- Huntington, NY

Kiss My Cake is a quaint little dessert shoppe located in the center of Huntington Village. It is easy to miss even though it sits in the middle of the main shopping district. But trust me, if you love sweets like I do, you don’t want to miss it. The dessert shoppe offers more than…

Magnolia Bakery- Penn Station, New York

Hey Family and Friends, I am behind in posting this weekend’s good eats but I do have something sweet to share with you. Trust me, I ate my way through this weekend so I will be sharing those pictures with you soon. I took another trip to Maryland and Philly and I thoroughly enjoyed myself….