Big Apple BBQ Block Party- Madison Square Park-New York

Attention BBQ lovers, I attended one of my favorite events of the year, the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. I look forward to it every June. As a true BBQ lover, I get to taste BBQ from pitmasters across the country. It’s like being in BBQ heaven with the smell of the food all around you. The smell of BBQ is in the air before you even reach the park.

This year I was able to try Hometown Barbque from Brooklyn. They had been on my list of places to try for a while. The giant beef rib was spectacular. What amazed me even more was they actually handed out huge bones to the people while we waited in line. The meat was so tender and it was seasoned to perfection!!!! My only disappointment was they sold out before I could get back on line to buy some more to take home with me. They were the first and only vendor I saw sell out while I was there.

Blue Smoke was selling Alabama Smoked White Wings which is something I have never heard of before. They were delicious. The sauce had a slight kick to it. The chicken was very tender. It was a nice change from what I normally eat when I am there.

Because I love dessert, I could not leave without trying Baker’s Ribs Fried Pies. They were handmaking the pies and deep frying them right in front of your eyes so they were hot and delicious. I tried three out of the four flavors they offered. I bought apple, peach and blackberry. All were extremely mouthwatering but I enjoyed the peach most of all. The crust was soft and flaky. The pies were sweet but not too sweet. The filling was still warm so I could not eat just one.

My last stop was at the Sugaree’s Bakery table. They had an assortment of cakes. I bought a slice of red velvet cake to take home with me. Once I got home and discovered how delicious it was, I was mad I didn’t buy more than one slice!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat as much as I normally do at the festival but what I did have was magnificent. I am already looking forward to next year. I hope you enjoy the pictures because I enjoyed my day!




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