Holey Cream-New York City, New York

On a hot summer day, what can be better than some nice cold ice cream? A friend of mine suggested I check out Holey Cream to feature in my blog. I promised I would so I ventured into Manhattan to see and taste these creations for myself.
Holey Cream starts with a plain donut and allows you to create your own treat. The donut is cut in half and filled with 3 scoops of ice cream. You can pick any 2 flavors you’d like. Next you pick your icing and your toppings. When you’re done, you have your own masterpiece.
I love chocolate and chocolate with mint so I chose Mint Chocolate Chip and Deep Belgium Chocolate Chip ice cream. I added chocolate icing and pieces of mint chocolate candy on top. Oh my gosh! I could not wait to sink my teeth into this chocolaty goodness.
I love the concept and I saw some very yummy looking creations while I was there. I enjoyed my personal creation but I must say, if they used a slightly better donut, it would take this idea over the top. I spoke with some people who were nice enough to let me photograph their creations and everyone enjoyed what they had.
Overall I consider this a success!  Thanks for the suggestion Reg!
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