LIC Flea & Food- Long Island City, New York

LIC Flea and Food Allison's hot dog 6.15.16 (2)LIC Flea and Food Columbian hot dog_2LIC Flea and Food Butchers Bar 6.25.16LIC Flea and Food brisket sandwichLIC Flea and Food Ecuadorian foodLIC Flea and Food arepasLIC Flea and Food Ribs in a cup 6.25.16LIC Flea and Food dumplings_2LIC Flea and Food funnel cakes 6.25.16LIC Flea and Food pork 6.25.16LIC Flea and Food hot dog menuLIC Flea and Food 6.25.16_6LIC Flea and Food 6.25.16_7LIC Flea and Food 6.25.16_5LIC Flea and Food 6.25.16LIC Flea and Food browniesSet in Long Island City, this food and flea market is the perfect way to spend the afternoon for foodies like myself. Being a Long Island City native, I was happy to venture back to my old neighborhood with my sister to check out all it had to offer. I was even more pleasantly surprised at just how many food vendors were packed into a fairly small space. The quality of the food was far above what you would expect to find at a regular flea market. The options were endless. There was something for just about anyone and everyone: BBQ, Japanese, Columbian, Ecuadorian, Taiwanese. Jerk, Poutine, oysters, funnel cakes. crepes, dumplings and more.

Unfortunately, I was not able to taste everything that caught my eye and interest. Because BBQ is my favorite cuisine, I started off with a brisket sandwich from Butcher’s Bar. The sandwich was delicious and the guys working behind the table were friendly and accommodating as I snapped pictures for this post. The brisket was extremely tender and juicy. It was topped with a creamy coleslaw, BBQ sauce and a pickle. I should have only eaten half to save room for all of the other things I wanted to try but I could not resist.

Next up was the red velvet funnel cake, which was the second reason I was really interested in getting to this food and flea market; BBQ being number one. There were 5 varieties of funnel cakes. They are made fresh when you order them. I enjoyed the red velvet but it did not blow me away as I expected. My guess is the apple may have been a better option.

I also had a butter and sugar crepe which was scrumptious. I bought a chocolate flourless cake from the same vendor which was amazing. Because I just couldn’t eat any more, I took home a beef kabob and a “Mango the Buffalo” hot dog. Both were fantastic.

I will make it a point to get back there at least 2-3 more times before it closes for the winter. There are so many things left to try. If you are in the area, I suggest you check it out for yourself. They are open on Saturdays and Sundays 11a-6pm.

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