Taste-Kitchen & Cocktails-Massapequa, NY

Taste-Kitchen & Cocktails, located on Merrick Road in Massapequa, has restored my faith in dining out! I hit a rough patch for a while with my food excursions but Taste far exceeded my expectations. I cannot find one thing I would change about my experience. From the atmosphere to the service and food, everything was absolutely perfect.

I learned of Taste-Kitchen & Cocktails on Instagram.  The Apple Pie Pizza featured in my review caught my attention immediately. Luckily enough, the restaurant is only about 10 miles from my home so there is no way I could pass up the chance to try it for myself. I talked my daughter into going with me for dessert, but we ended up having dinner as well. Our sever, Jen, was new to the restaurant. It was only her 3rd night but she was on point with all her recommendations. She was friendly, knowledgeable about the menu and attentive.  She made our evening enjoyable.

My entrée, fettuccine with lobster, shaved asparagus, grape tomatoes and truffle butter was spectacular! It was so good I actually wanted to put my face in the bowl! I couldn’t put my fork down. I think I inhaled it. I’ve had plenty of good pasta dishes over the years, but this was memorable. My daughter had Short Rib Rigatoni which consisted of braised short ribs, mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomato in veal sauce. I was a bit skeptical when her dished arrived at the table, but it turned out to be extremely tasty. I typically go for cream sauces, so I wasn’t sure about a brown sauce over pasta. I was wrong. It worked.

Even though my pasta was outrageously delicious, I managed to deliberately pack a portion of it to take home to save room for dessert. I came specifically for the Apple Pie Pizza and I wasn’t going to leave without it. Just as I expected, it was delicious. It was served on a very thin crust with thinly sliced apples, caramel glaze and topped with ice cream and whipped cream. OMG! I devoured it. It’s really enough for 4 people but I think I ate enough for 2.

I enjoyed Taste so much I went back a couple of weeks later with a friend. I ordered the exact same entrée and dessert and it was equally as good…consistency is key. I’ll probably go back again but next time I will try something new.



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