Havana Central- Roosevelt Field

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After seeing pictures of my daughter’s delicious looking meal at Havana Central, I moved it to the top of my “must try” list. I immediately made plans with a friend to have dinner there. The atmosphere was very pleasant featuring live entertainment which is always a plus. There were several tables celebrating special occasions so the environment was very festive.

We ordered our drinks and appetizers. I had a virgin Piña Colada which was SPECTACULAR; very creamy and smooth. A lot of times when I order Piña Colada in restaurants, I find them to have chunks of ice in them rather than being blended until smooth. The flavor and consistency were absolutely perfect.

For my appetizer, I ordered the Lobster Stuffed Avocado. This was another excellent choice. The avocado was ripe but not too soft. The lobster stuffing had a great flavor. I was very disappointed when I finished it. I would have really liked a larger portion, I enjoyed it that much. Carol order the beef, chicken and shrimp Empanadas which she enjoyed as well.

My first thought for my entrée was to have the Pernil (roast pork) because that is what my daughter had and she raved about it. I love Pernil but I also love shrimp so it became a toss-up for me. Since Carol ordered the roast pork, I decided to order Shrimp in Garlic Sauce served with rice. Both entrees were good.

Dessert was another high point of my meal. I had the Piña Colada Cake. The cake was soft, creamy and smooth. I was very pleased with my choice. Carol ordered the Churros served with two dipping sauces; a good choice as well.

Overall it was a nice dining experience.  Good food, good atmosphere and good service.



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