Corn on the cob with Banana Cornbread Butter and Organic White Popcorn

Inspired by Root & Bone’s corn on the cob with cornbread butter, we added our own twist to it.  My son Gabe, combined banana bread with cornbread to create something spectacular. We used organic white popcorn which we popped ourselves.  Paired with a juicy steak followed by a cupcake for dessert made for a delicious meal.

All of the credit belongs to Gabriel for his vision. I would have never thought to combine banana bread with cornbread but it worked well.


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  1. aqvaughan56 says:

    I really think combining the banana bread and cornbread is very innovative and very creative. Both mixtures produce a very moist bread. My grandmother had so many things she did with cornbread and cornmeal. I recently tried using banana bread mixture to dip chicken breast in and baked it and what a different flavor it gave the chicken. My salute to Gabe on another innovation and I love your posts…


  2. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. I will pass your comments along to Gabe. He is only 18 so he will be very pleased.


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