Mac’s Speed Shop- Charlotte, NC

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Mac’s Speed Shop has multiple locations throughout North Carolina and one in Greenville, SC.  During a quick trip to Charlotte, I visited the South Blvd. location. They had a decent lunch crowd. There wasn’t much parking available but I took that as a good sign.

The waitress brought a basket of hush puppies to the table for starters. They were your normal basic hush puppies, nothing amazing. The butter was sweet which gave them a boost of flavor. Overall, they were pretty basic but enjoyable.

For my appetizer, I ordered onion rings that were served hot which is always good. However, they were seasoned with pepper, an unexpected kick which was too much for me. For those who like their food a bit on the spicy side, you might enjoy these. The brisket was served smothered in onions with mac-n-cheese and collard greens for sides. I was not crazy about the brisket. The collard greens were seasoned with vinegar and also a bit spicy for me. The noodles in the mac-n-cheese were overcooked. Now the beef ribs, they were AMAZING!!! They were super tender and fell apart at the slightest touch. When I tried to pick them up, the meat just fell off the bone. I would go back the next time I am in Charlotte just for the beef ribs.

If you follow my posts you know I love dessert and I appreciate good bread pudding. The apple bread pudding was scrumptious. This was the perfect ending to my lunch. The beef ribs and bread pudding made the trip worthwhile.

If you are in the area and want BBQ for lunch, this will suffice in a crunch.





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