Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q- Bluffton, SC

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I am no stranger to Jim ‘N Nick’s. This is one of my regular stops in South Carolina. Whenever I am in Bluffton, I make it a point to have lunch or dinner there at least once before heading back north.

What do I love so much about it? For starters, their cheddar biscuits are delicious. I look forward to the server brining a basket of warm biscuits to the table. The only problem is making sure I don’t eat too many before my entrée arrives. As an appetizer, I had an order of smoked buffalo wings with a side of Blue Cheese and Ranch dressing.  The meat came off the bone easily. The flavor was good, not overly spicy. For my entrée, I ordered the beef brisket with sweet potato casserole and macaroni and cheese. The brisket was very tender, no knife needed. It was served with BBQ sauce on top and a pickle.  Normally I don’t care for BBQ sauce on brisket that is tender and flavorful. I prefer for the taste of the brisket to stand on its own. However, I must admit I did not mind the sauce this time. It didn’t take away from the flavor of brisket.  The sweet potato casserole was excellent. The macaroni and cheese was not the greatest. I would have rather had a second helping of the sweet potato casserole.

Believe it or not, what really made my meal great this visit was my peach tea! I love flavored and sweet tea, especially in the south. I ordered peach tea and it was spectacular!  They added chopped peaches to the tea as opposed to just adding peach flavoring. Something so simple was so good.

Everyone at the table enjoyed their meal as usual so it was definitely worth the trip.





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