Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

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Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is found in the heart of Savannah, Georgia’s famous River Street.  The store is located along the Savannah River lined with quaint boutiques, restaurants, galleries and more.

I was literally like a kid in a candy shop when I stepped inside of Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. I was amazed by vast assortment of caramel apples. Some of them were almost too pretty to eat. As I walked through the store, the varieties were getting better and better.  I stopped in my tracks when I saw the huge case of caramel apples.  They all looked so yummy. The giant-sized rice crispy treats on a stick looked delicious. I have never seen rice crispy treats so big in all of my life.

The store also offers a huge variety of candy, ice cream, gelato etc. It’s hard to leave the store without buying anything. I broke down and bought a cup of mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream to take with me on my stroll down River Street. The sun was shining, it was a warm beautiful day and that was the perfect treat to take with me.







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