Spice Chelsea Corner- New York, NY


Spice has been a longtime favorite of mine for a quick Thai lunch. There are several locations providing fast service which makes it a great option within the normal lunch hour. Since changing jobs I am no longer able to get there for lunch during the week. Luckily, I was in the area on a Saturday afternoon and had time to stop in for lunch.

For starters, I ordered the Signature Shrimp Fritters which are one of my two favorite appetizers. I was slightly disappointed. They were not the same as the ones I was used to having years ago. These were very crunchy and spicier than I remember. The Sweet Chili sauce was almost too hot for my taste.  I must say I am sensitive to heat so they would probably not be as hot to the average person’s palate.

For my entrée I had the Black Noodles with beef which is made with broad rice noodles, Chinese vegetables and egg. This was as good as I remembered it to be! The vegetables had a slight crunch to them but not too hard. The sauce was mildly sweet. I enjoyed every bite. It brought back pleasant memories.

I have never had dessert at Spice so I thought this was a great opportunity to try it. I ordered the Warm Taro Bread Pudding which I thought would be the perfect ending to a great meal. I waited about 5-10 minutes for my dessert to arrive before the waitress came to tell me they did not have any Bread Pudding. I was disappointed but I was so full from my entrée I really didn’t have room for it.

A great lunch even without dessert. It is definitely worth the price; which is very reasonable for an appetizer and entrée.








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