Apple and Cream Ravioli


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Apple and Cream dessert ravioli, who knew?  I went to my local ravioli store, Deer Park Ravioli, to pick up lobster and shrimp ravioli. While browsing through the varieties in the case, the owner pointed out the Apple and Cream ravioli. He mentioned it was a dessert ravioli so I immediately wanted to know more. I wasn’t familiar with dessert ravioli so I asked for some suggestions on how to serve it and what to pair it with. Luckily enough, their website offers all types of recipes for sauces.

I decided to make the Spiced Apple Syrup to pour over the ravioli.  The sauce is made with apple sauce, apple jelly, cinnamon and cloves. I wanted something else to compliment this so I topped it with Caramel Apple Pie gelato. What a combination! It was just as good as Apple Pie a la Mode!!! Warm ravioli with gelato on top. Scrumptious.

This was an extremely quick and easy dessert. An excellent option when entertaining. You can impress your guests without a lot of fuss. I would probably serve this with Sparkling Apple Cider during the holidays.

Two thumbs up!!!

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