Gabriel’s Shrimp Beurre Blanc

During my son’s junior and senior years of high school he attended his regular high school in the morning and studied Culinary Arts in the afternoon. He comes from a family that loves to both cook and eat so it was a perfect fit for him. For some reason during his senior year, which was his second year of the program, he decided he wanted to drop out. That was non-negotiable for me and I demanded that he finish out his 2-year certification.

Tonight he made a fantastic dinner for us. It was a pleasure for me to stand beside him in the kitchen and watch him cook. I didn’t have to do anything other than help him clean the shrimp, he took over from there.

The shrimp were seasoned to perfection if I do say so myself. Look at the beautiful color in the pictures!!! He sauteed them and made his Beurre Blanc in the same pan. He added in some tomatoes, fresh baby spinach and Parmesan cheese. When that was done he tossed in angel hair pasta.

Gabe knocked this out of the park! The shrimp were tasty and cooked perfectly, not undercooked and not too tough. He decided to add Parmesan cheese to the Beurre Blanc and that was absolutely the right call. He added just the right amount of cheese so that it complimented the dish without overwhelming it. Adding just the right amount of salt and seasonings was also key. Tossing in the fresh spinach and tomatoes added vibrant colors to it and made it even more visually appealing. The presentation was lovely. The chefs at Wilson Tech taught him well and I am sure one day he will thank me for not allowing him to quit.

Gabe also teamed up with me in the kitchen for my article on the Pineapple Upside-down Pancakes. The featured photo is his plated presentation. If you missed that article, please do yourself a favor and look for it on the site or the “Seasoned 2 Perfection” page on Facebook. You won’t be sorry. I say he has a bright future in Culinary Arts if he ever chooses to pursue it.

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  1. aqvaughan56 says:

    I love this article and am anxious to try this dish. My salute to Gabriel for stimulating my taste buds….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol Wickliffe- Campbell says:

    Gabe’s dish looks delicious! I need the recipe.


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