Hometown Barbque-Brooklyn, NY

This is my #1 pick for beef ribs in NY so far!!! I had their beef ribs for the first time at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Manhattan. I was so impressed with the mouthwatering, melt in your mouth, fall off the bone ribs that I had to go on a foodie adventure to Brooklyn to visit the restaurant.

Hometown Barbque is located right near the water in Red Hook, Brooklyn. First of all, I was so in love with the spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty off in the distance as well as the Verrazano Bridge and Manhattan, that even if the food did not blow me away, I was already blown away by the setting. It was a beautiful sunny day and I could not have asked for better. I stood at the water admiring the view, watching the boats sail by and taking pictures before I went into the restaurant.

The restaurant had a nice atmosphere. I arrived at 5pm and there was a long line of people waiting to order their food. By 5:30pm, the line had wrapped around the interior of the restaurant. I took that as a good sign. When a restaurant has large crowds that are willing to wait in line, the food must be good. By the time I walked out of the door at 6pm, both sections of the dining areas were completely full.

Just as I thought, the meat was on point. I ordered beef ribs, brisket and collard greens. The meat was seasoned to perfection. It was tender, juicy and full of flavor. As you can see in the pictures, the meat was very succulent.

Hometown deserves another trip because there was plenty more on the menu I wanted to try. They have Vietnamese Hot Wings on their menu which are interesting to me. I can never have enough wings! They also have an “H.T.B.C.” sandwich which sounds so delicious; pastrami bacon, smoked turkey, lettuce, tomato, dijon mustard and mayo on brioche Texas Toast. Yummy!

I give Hometown the thumbs-up! Check out the pictures of the food and the atmosphere. Thanks to Steve for bringing Hometown Barbque to my attention. This was on his list of top BBQ places to try.

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