Mission BBQ- Laurel, Maryland

One of my favorite things to do with my family is to go out and enjoy a good meal. Every time I visit my daughter in Maryland, I have to stop at Mission BBQ for some brisket and dessert. As much as I enjoy the brisket, the desserts keep me coming back for more.

Mission BBQ switches out their dessert every 6 weeks and so far I have been lucky enough to have three of them. The bread pudding is Amazing. It was so scrumptious I had to go back into the restaurant after I had already gotten in the car and get back in line to buy another large serving to take home with me. The peach cobbler is also very tasty. The strawberry shortcake is different from the traditional version. This is made with what tastes like a sweet pound cake which sets it apart from other versions I have tasted. My #1 pick of the three is the bread pudding.

The brisket is well seasoned and tender. I have had it several times and they seem to be fairly consistent with getting it right. The ribs are shown without any sauce on them because it was packed on the side to bring back to NY. Mission has a variety of sauces to choose from.

The service has been great each time I have been to the restaurant. The servers are very friendly and helpful. The manager Chris, was excellent. Because he knew I was from out of town, he was extremely accommodating with helping to pack my food to go and making sure it was secure. He allowed me to taste some of the sides so I could get an overall idea of the quality of food. Good food and good service will definitely keep me as a long-term customer.

Enjoy the slideshow~Allison

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