Morgan’s Barbecue-Brooklyn, NY

Family night out with my cousins is becoming a welcomed weekend event. Our latest outing was to Morgan’s Barbecue in Brooklyn, where most of them reside. I learned of Morgan’s from an episode of Bravo’s Network’s “Best New Restaurant”. Once I heard the cast rave about the brisket, this was a no-brainer for me. To make this an even more attractive option, it is conveniently located on Flatbush Ave. It did not require me to go out of my way on my commute home. It’s within walking distance back to the Long Island Rail Road Atlantic Ave. Terminal and the Barclays Center.

The weather was nice so we had the option of dining indoors or out. Because I hate the heat, I chose to sit inside. They had a busy after-work Friday crowd. Luckily, I arrived early enough to get a table inside before it got too busy. On this particular evening, there were 6 of us which gave us an opportunity to try a variety of food.

To start, I ordered a Berry Lemonade while I waited for everyone to arrive. Typically, I order flavored iced tea or lemonade. I wasn’t crazy about this Berry Lemonade. It had a strange taste that I could not figure out.  On the table for appetizers were the Frito Pie, Candied Bacon and Smoked Buffalo Wings.  The Frito Pie is a Texas tradition. It was very good. The taste reminded me of Chili Nachos. It did have a slight afterbite to it. The heat kicked in after I was done chewing it. My cousin inhaled his Candied Bacon so I know it was delicious!!! He said it was sweet and spicy with a big unexpected kick to it. He still felt the heat afterwards. The Smoked Buffalo wings were good. They were cooked well and the meat came off the bone easily.

For our entrees, a few of us ordered brisket; a combination of lean and fatty. I prefer to order mine fatty.  We all agreed the brisket was tender and had good flavor.  One person ordered the Ginormous Beef Rib. It had nice level of smoke, was tender and flavorful. Those of us who have had Hometown Bar-B-Que’s Beef Rib find Hometown’s ribs to be more tender.

Next door to Morgan’s Barbecue is Elbow Room Brooklyn, which features different versions of Mac ‘N’ Cheese. Their mac ‘n’ cheese is included on Morgan’s menu. I ordered the “Old School” Mac ‘N’ Cheese as my side.  I was expecting something special. Unfortunately, I found it to be average at best. It comes topped with garlic breadcrumbs which I found to be too much. I turned my mac ‘n’ cheese upside down to pour the extra breadcrumbs off. On the other hand, my cousins loved it and really enjoyed the breadcrumbs on top. To each his own but I wasn’t a big fan.

The other sides on the table were collard greens and mashed potatoes.  As I have found with quite a few BBQ joints, the meat is great and the sides and typically average. Overall, we were all happy with our selections and everyone’s meat was enjoyable which is the most important part.

6 Thumbs up!


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