Smoke on the Water- Greenville, SC


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I recently fell in love with downtown Greenville, SC. Main Street is lined with shops and restaurants.  Falls Park on the Reedy has a beautiful waterfall. On the corner of Main Street sits Smoke on the Water.  I decided to stop in for a quick bite to eat. There was seating both inside and out. I had lunch indoors because it was starting to become overcast and chilly. The location and atmosphere were nice.

The waiter brought a plate of cornbread to the table.  While I am not a huge fan of cornbread, it looked appetizing.  Unfortunately, it was not enjoyable at all.  It was rather gritty and dry. It really could have used honey butter or something sweet along those lines to help give it flavor.

I ordered the Crab Cakes with a Loaded Potato Cake on the side. The potato cake was deep fried and filled with bacon, green onions, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, breaded with Japanese breadcrumbs. Both the crab cakes and potato cake were just average. The menu described the crab cakes as being made with fresh lump crab meat so I was expecting an outstanding crab cake.

For dessert, I ordered the Fried Bourbon Bread Pudding. This is where the restaurant redeemed itself.  The bread pudding is rolled in graham cracker crumbs and deep fried.  It was served in three balls topped with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and bourbon sauce.  This was too good not to finish. I didn’t eat the cornbread nor did I finish my entrée but I ate every drop of my bread pudding.

Overall my lunch was satisfactory. Would this be my first choice on my next visit? No. Main Street offers so many places to choose from I would love to try something new.


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