Harbs Restaurant-New York, NY

As I was walking along 9th Ave in Chelsea, I happened to casually look in the window of Harbs Restaurant. I was totally blown away by the exquisite cakes on display. They were so unique I was intrigued by what I was seeing. The Green Tea Mousse Cake immediately caught my eye. I was on my way to catch a train but there was no way I could keep walking and not go inside to get a closer look at their amazing display.

Harbs is a café which originated in Japan. There are two locations in Manhattan; one in Chelsea and one on the Upper East Side. Each cake is handcrafted and it shows. In addition to the exceptional cakes, the service and packaging is outstanding as well. Slices of cake are placed neatly into a box, each end covered, and miniature ice packs are placed on both sides of the cake to keep it cold while traveling. I was amazed at the care and attention given to packaging the cake. I watched as they served other customers and everyone was treated with the same amount of attention.

I purchased a slice of the Strawberry Chocolate Cake. I wanted to try several of the cakes because they all looked so tempting and delicious but I had just finished lunch and had my hands full with bags. The Strawberry Chocolate Cake was made with bittersweet chocolate sponge cake, infused with the scent of brandy, decorated with fresh cream and large strawberries. The cake was very light and fluffy. I enjoyed it but the strawberries were a bit too large for me. I would have preferred less strawberries and more cake and cream.

I give Harbs 5 stars for presentation alone. They set the bar for first-class service and presentation. They are a bit pricey but I don’t mind paying for such good quality and service. Because the cake is packaged in such a nice box and bag, it makes for a terrific gift. I would be happy to receive their cake as a present. I am already planning my next trip to the restaurant so I can try some of the other cakes. This was definitely a great find.

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Bon Appetit!




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