Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque- New York, NY

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My #1 BBQ joint in Manhattan for brisket and beef ribs! So why am I featuring pastrami? Good question. Mighty Quinn’s just introduced a new Smoked Pastrami sandwich to their menu.

As a BBQ lover, I am always asking people for suggestions on where to get good BBQ in New York City. Surprisingly, no one ever mentioned Mighty Quinn’s to me. People generally mention the typical well known places. It wasn’t until my job catered in BBQ for a party that I learned of them and their phenomenal brisket. The brisket was so amazing I had to track down the person who ordered the food to find out where it was from. I couldn’t get over how tender and flavorful it was. I am a meat lover but I had never had brisket that Wowed me like that. On several occasions I have picked up their brisket and beef ribs to bring home on the weekends. It is that good!!! Their gigantic brontosaurus beef ribs are spectacular. The meat falls off the bone.

As soon as I heard about their new Smoked Pastrami sandwich,  I immediately made plans to rush over to one of their locations during my lunch hour. I figured if it was anywhere near as good as the brisket, it had to be worth the trip. When I got there, I noticed they were serving S’mores Bread Pudding for dessert. Since bread pudding is one of my absolute favorite desserts, I couldn’t pass it up. I’m so glad I didn’t because it was Delicious! Warm, with a lot chocolate in it, and a very sweet yummy sauce on top. Unfortunately, I was not as crazy about the pastrami. The roll was warm, soft and fresh. But, the pastrami was not all I had hoped for.  Because I am such a big fan of Mighty Quinn and everything else is always excellent, I will wait a few months and try again. It was only the first week so I will give them time to perfect it.

Mighty Quinn is still at the top of my list. I have faith they will get their pastrami to be as good as their brisket and beef ribs. They scored big points with me for that scrumptious bread pudding. It’s worth making a special trip on my way home just to have it for dessert.  Congrats on getting it right! Not everyone can make a good bread pudding.

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