Sweet Revenge, New York, NY

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Sweet Revenge is a small restaurant in the West Village section of Manhattan. The restaurant features a cupcake, beer & wine bar and is known for pairing wine and beer with their cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies and pies.

A co-worker of mine offered to treat me to lunch. Knowing how much I love sweets and dessert, he suggested Sweet Revenge as an option. The name alone caught my attention  right away. I checked out the menu online just to be sure this was my final selection. It wasn’t a hard choice once I saw Red Velvet waffles and chocolate cupcakes on the menu.

The Red Velvet waffles had the richest flavor of any red velvet waffle I have had anywhere. They were served with a salted caramel sauce on the side. I liked the sauce but I didn’t want to lose or mask any of the flavor of the waffles by pouring it on them. I enjoyed the authenticity of the flavor just as it was.  The waffles were also served with bacon and fruit. I have no complaints about anything. The food was fresh and tasty.

The giant breakfast burrito was made with avocado, scrambled eggs, black beans, corn, roasted potatoes, tomatoes and Jalapeño cheddar in a burrito. It was served with a side salad topped with dried cranberries.

For dessert, I ordered the Dirty Cupcake which is made of Valrhona Cake with Dark Chocolate Truffle. This was also rich in flavor and dense. I tried to eat a small piece and save the rest for later but I kept going back for another piece until it was all gone. I didn’t try the Peanut Butter cookie but it looked good and my friend enjoyed it.

Breakfast is good anytime of the day.  Ending my meal with dessert was delightful!

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