The Smoke Joint- Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York

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Brooklyn is becoming the BBQ hot spot in the NYC area. The Smoke Joint was featured on Season 18 of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” Since my Father’s family is from Brooklyn and I have cousins there, I decided to turn my BBQ outing into a family outing and spend time with a few cousins while enjoying a good meal. We recently met on a Saturday afternoon in Fort Greene at The Smoke Joint for lunch.

I was very pleased with the location. The restaurant was walking distance from the Long Island Rail Road station which made it very convenient and easy for me to get to. It’s not very large on the inside and seating is limited but I didn’t mind the size at all. There was a bit of a wait but it was not an unreasonable amount of time. It actually gave me a chance to check out the food as it was coming out of the kitchen. I was able to snap a few pictures and get an idea of what I wanted to order.

While I was waiting, the chef placed a humongous beef rib on the counter. It looked too good to pass up so I immediately knew that was what I was going to have for lunch. I also noticed the Chopped Chicken, Bed Stuy Potato Salad, Mac and Cheese and Cole Slaw sitting on the counter as well. Everything looked good, especially when you are as hungry as I was.

I ordered the beef rib as planned with mac and cheese and cornbread as my sides. The rib was fork tender and as you can see in the picture. It had already fallen off the bone and it melted like butter. I can say without a doubt it was the right choice! Not only was the rib excellent but they served it with a sauce on the side which added another level of flavor…over the top! I couldn’t get enough.

I tasted my cousin’s chopped chicken and that was also a good choice. It was seasoned extremely well. If you look at the picture you can see it is covered with spices. It had the taste of brisket seasoning with a slightly peppery taste. I wasn’t expecting to taste the “traditional” brisket flavor in the chicken but it worked well.

The piece of cornbread was giant-sized. It looked fresh out of the oven, hot and delicious. I am not a huge fan of cornbread but even I had to take notice of this delightful looking hunk of it. I was excited to sink my teeth into it to see if it was even close to tasting as good as it looked. After all the anticipation, I must say it was just an average piece of cornbread but more visually appealing to me than most.

All the other sides we ordered were good. The collard greens were a tad bit spicy but not overwhelming. The macaroni and cheese was average, not a disappointment but nothing to rave about either. All in all everyone was pleased with their meals. It was nice afternoon with good food and great company. I wouldn’t mind going back. But before I do, I am heading to a few of the other new spots that recently opened in Brooklyn to see what they have to offer.


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