Mom’s Chicken and Peaches

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Growing up one of my favorite dinners was Chicken and Peaches. I know it may sound strange but the combination of fried chicken smothered in peaches with heavy syrup served over rice is delectable. My mother would make some delicious fried chicken and then pour canned peaches over it and let it bake in the oven until the peaches cooked down. The heavy syrup makes a nice sweet sauce to go over the rice.

Recently I had a craving for it so I whipped up a pan of fried chicken thighs and smothered them in a couple of cans of sliced peaches. I did not bake them in the oven. Once I fried the chicken, I put it in a pot on the stove, poured the peaches over it, covered it and let it simmer. I made a pot of parboiled rice to go with the chicken.  You can leave the peaches sliced or you can dice the peaches and mix them into the rice after they have simmered. I like to pour the juice over my rice which gives it a nice sweet taste.

This is an easy meal to make. You can serve a vegetable with it. This time I chose just to substitute the peaches for a veggie.

The slideshow that takes you through the cooking process. I hope you enjoy it.

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