Westgate Smokehouse Grill-Orlando, Florida

When I vacation in Orlando, I often stay on International Drive or in that vicinity. I love all the area has to offer. One of the best things about it to me as a foodie is the vast number of places to eat. Just about anything I want is available to me and most is within walking distance. I love to go for an after-dinner stroll up and down I-Drive.

During one of my most recent trips I drove over to Westgate Smokehouse Grill on Turkey Lake Road. It was listed as one of the top BBQ places in Orlando and it definitely was in my opinion. I was impressed with the food but I was even more impressed with the service. We all know bad service can ruin a perfectly good night out. The waiter was superb. He was attentive and accommodating from the very first minute to the last.

As an appetizer I ordered the Giant Onion Rings. I had no idea what I was in for but it was a treat. They were huge and even better than they appear in the picture. I think they were some of the best onion rings I have ever tasted. I also ordered the Smoked Killer Wings and 14-Hour Beef Brisket. The brisket was served with a sweet potato fritter and a side. Everything was delicious. The wings and brisket were tender and cooked just the way I like them. The food was so good that I did not leave any room for dessert. That is rare for me because there are times I would rather skip the meal and start off with dessert.

Westgate Smokehouse Grill is on my list of places to visit again on my next trip to Orlando. I will be sure to leave room for dessert because if it is as good as the meal, I can’t go wrong.


Westgate Smokehouse Grill Smoked WingsWestgate Smokehouse Grill Orlando 2015Westgate Smokehouse Grill Orlando


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