Reading Terminal Market-Philadelphia, Pa.

As promised, here is my recap of our outing to the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. This place is literally one big food court full of amazing foods of all kinds. You can get just about anything in there. They have a variety of cuisines ranging from BBQ to Italian and you can buy just about anything in between. You can not only buy hot food but there are several butchers in there along with produce vendors. It’s impossible to get through everything in one day so you have to have a strategy when you go. I’ve been several times so I have my favorites which I visit every time.

Let’s start with my favorite chicken wings. Dienner’s Bar-B-Q chicken has a varitey of wings. My personal favorite are the smoked wings which normally just fall off the bone. Dienner’s has been pretty consistent with getting these right. My second choice are the San Antonio. These have a sauce on them which I like.

I love a good hot pastrami sandwich with mustard. Hershel’s East Side Deli sells a great pastrami sandwich. They serve a generous amout of meat which is always tender and juicy. I never eat the whole sandwich because that would not leave enough room for all of the other things I want to sample.

Another favorite of mine are Hope’s Cookies. These cookies are so delicious. I never leave the market without buying a bag full to take home with me. For anyone who loves desserts the way I do, you have a variety of vendors and sweets to choose from.

I have also had breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place. The pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sage sausage were all delicious. I hope to fit this into one of my future trips.

All in all, this is a food lovers paradise. It is definitely worth the trip. Just remember to leave enough room in your stomach so you can taste a wide variety of vendors.

I took pictures of places where I have and have not eaten to give you an overall feel for what you experience while there.

Next week is the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in NY. As long as the weather is good, I will be there to taste what the pitmasters are serving. I will probably bring a shopping bag with me to take home as much brisket from the various vendors as possible. I can’t wait to bring you my review on that!!!!

Have a great week!



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