Row House-Harlem, NY

My second trip in Harlem was to Row House to celebrate Laura’s birthday. The original plan was to have Chicken and Eggnog Waffles at Melba’s but they were closed for a private party. So, I will have to take a trip to Harlem to taste them another time.

The food at Row House was surprisingly good. For our appetizers we shared crab cakes and lobster croquettes. Both were really tasty. The sauce served with the croquettes was very light and had a nice flavor to it. The crab cakes were also good. A little extra dipping sauce served with them would have been nice.

Honestly, at this point we could have stopped because we were too full to eat our entrees. We split macaroni and cheese and a truffle grilled cheese sandwich served with a side salad. Ordinarily I would never order a grilled cheese sandwich when eating out but this was soooooo good. We split the sandwich and we still couldn’t finish it so I was glad I didn’t waste money on the braised short ribs.

The waiter was friendly and very attentive. I would definitely eat here again but stick to either just the appetizers or an entree but not both.

This was a nice last minute find.

See you next week for another adventure!!! We have a long weekend coming up. Have a great week!


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